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Privacy Policy

The following is the Privacy Policy of cakesclub.com to manage the personal information you share with us. Please send us an email at support@cakesclub.com in case you have any queries or confusions regarding our privacy polices.

Note:These policies may change from time to time.

  1. This website uses cookies. You need not provide us any of your Personal Information to browse some of the pages. But for some other pages based on the activity, we would need to ask you to provide some personal information identified as mandatory. You cannot browse certain pages of this website If you do not provide the mandatory data. When you register to use a cakesclub.com and order our products as a cakesclub.com customer, we would collect your contact information such as your name, email, phone numbers address and your password.

  2. We collect your information to provide service to you. We would need this information to complete the buying process of financial transactions and delivery process of your orders. We may also use this information to reply back to your queries and concerns. We may send you product and services information regarding promotions and events. This will help us providing you a better customised experience. We may need to investigate / prevent illegal activities which violates our Terms of Service for which we would need to use the information you provided.

  3. Sharing of your information to any third party is a strict “NO” at cakesclub.com. But we would disclose your personal information if required by law, or is a matter of national security.

  4. You can change your personal information any time by clicking on the “profile” link but certain information can only be changed by our team because of some security reasons.

  5. As long as you remain a user at cakesclub.com we will retain your information. Your information will be deleted upon your request when you send an email to support@cakesclub.com. We would retain your information to comply with disputes, legal obligations.

  6. We store your personal information on a secured server that only can be accessed by selected cakesclub.com employees using password. We use https to establish a secure and encrypted connection while transferring your personal or financial information. But transmission over internet, electronic storage is not 100% foolproof. We use latest technology measures to protect your data, we would not guarantee its absolute security.

  7. At cakesclub.com, we use one or more third party payment gateways to bill you for our products and services. We also share certain personal information to certain companies that provide services on our behalf. Only required information is shared to perform those services. As per our knowledge these companies don’t share, store this information for any other purpose.
At the core of these policies we want to let you know that we respect your privacy.